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Upcoming Events

Sunshine 100 Network Meetings

  • May 16: 1-2PM
  • June 20: 1-2PM
  • July 18: 1-2PM
  • August 15: 1-2PM
  • September 19: 1-2PM
  • October 17: 1-2PM
  • November 21: 1-2PM
  • December 19: 1-2PM

Recent Events

November 3-5: Faith Forward in Florida Day of Prayer

How can we use our places of faith to disagree well?

On the weekend of November 3-5, twelve months before the 2024 presidential election, we ask faith leaders in Florida to lead their congregations in reflection on what can be done to reduce the sense of division that is afflicting our country.   

By praying together, we can begin to help ourselves, our families and our communities reduce the temperature in our country and ensure a peaceful democratic election process for all. 

If this is of interest, please share this information in your networks and please sign up for more information on events and activities. 

We offer this sample prayer below. 

Sample Prayer for Our Nation 

Loving and Gracious God, 

We give you thanks for this, our cherished nation that you have entrusted to our care for our children and generations to come. 

We live in a time of disharmony and are troubled by our growing divides.  We pray for the unity and protection of our country in the year ahead.   

Remind us that no matter our beliefs or our views, we are all made in your image, even those with whom we disagree.  Together, let each of us commit to seek harmony and reject division.  Let us be inspired by the better angels of our natures.    

Help us as people of faith to remember our calling to peace and to find the wisdom to make our places of worship into places of healing.  Let us reunite in a common commitment to our shared democratic norms and the rejection of violence. 

Give us the courage to help ourselves and others to the path of unity and love. 

Give us the strength to reach out and listen to those who may have different views so we may better understand their hopes and fears.   

Give us an open heart to find common ground and, where we cannot, to disagree peacefully and well. 

Give us the will and strength to do so. 

We pray for our leaders so they may guide us with love and wisdom for the betterment of all. 

These things we ask in the name of all that is holy and good. 

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